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Message from the principal

Principal Ogawa Yoshinori

@My name is Ogawa Yoshinori from Ichinomiya High School of Commerce. I took up my new position as the principal of Nakamura High School on April 1, 2021. I am going to make an effort to change this school into the kind of s chool that students want to enter and they are happy to enter. For parents, it should be one that they want to send their children to and they are happy to send their children here.

@Nakamura High School, which opened in 1953, is one of the most prestigious schools in this prefecture and is celebrating it s 69th anniversary this year. More than 26,000 students have left it and are active in their careers not only in Japan but also overseas.

@The tradition of our school is symbolized in the lyrics of our school song. The first line of the song is "A fountain of wisdom," the second one is "Where dreams spring up," and the third line is "A garden of independence hh. In our studies, club activities, and school events, we aim to realize our dreams with an abundance of energy like a "fountain" and work independently and proactively, just like the words "Garden of Independence hh. By realizing this dream, students are filled with even more energy and can make their dreams come true. This is the tradition we have been cultivating over our 68 years of history.

@In addition, our school has been designated as a Super English Hub School by the Aichi Prefectural Board of Education, and we are promoting educational activities with the enhancement of English education and international understanding education as our school's characteristics. Taking advantage of this achievement, we have established an International Understanding Course in the 2019 school year. We hope that all of our students will develop a rich sense of humanity with an international outlook. We hope that throug h international exchange opportunities, they will be come able to understand different cultures and values, and grow into people who can see, think, and act from a global perspective based on those differences.

@The most important part of high school life for students is their daily studies and classes. The mission of Nakamura High School is to give students enough information in preparation for universities and enough opportunities for them to get enough knowledge not only for entrance examinations but also for after e ntering universities. Don't just go to school vaguely but live a real high school life with a sense of purpose.

@It is the time of the Corona disaster. I ask you to always be aware of the new coronavirus infection in all aspects of your life. And let us move forward together in these times as healthy citizens who have definitely acquired a new lifestyle, aiming at "not being infected an d "not causing others to be infected.h